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About Us


Kelowna House Sitting offers homeowners an unparalleled level of customer service that others just don’t measure up to. All of our special service packages and standard rates guarantee that you get the value that you deserve for your money. We are your ultimate choice in house sitting and pet/dog sitting services. Don’t rely on anyone else when you know our company is the one you can trust.

We furnish services within Kelowna and the surrounding vicinities. Most of our coverage area will extend within 1.5 hours drive one-way from Kelowna. In some situations, we might be able to make an exception for an additional service fee.


Why Choose Us?


The facts are:


  • We are one of the most reputable house sitting businesses in the area
  • Our rates and packages are both competitive and offer our customers the ultimate value for their money. They know that once they use our services, they can trust and rely on us in the future for their pet sitting and home sitting requirements.
  • We offer extra services such as grocery pickup for owners returning to town and winter home care to ensure the heat is working properly so the pipes don’t freeze.
  • We are the number one company you can count on. You can trust your home and property with the excellent services that only we can provide.
  • You can count on us to be there when you message or phone us with a concern about your home and property.
    We treat your pets just like ours. Many of us own pets in out homes too.